Sample Essay

The book clearly depicts that Nella religiously kept a routine of writing a diary noting down her frustrations, fears, anxiety as well as the various problems amd issues that she had top cope with in order to survive the war period. The book provides that Nella Last had a dysfunctional relationship with her husband who had the tendency to spread gloom while her obsession and love for her sons is crystal clear in her accounts for all to see. The distant relationship that she had with her husband during the time can be read from in between the lines where she talks about her marriage and how it has made them strangers in a world of their own. Her frustration with lack of support from her husband as well as a working physical relationship is also clearly depicted in her diaries.


The truly unique aspect of the book Nella Last’s war is that it provides a woman’s account of war. Most of the text available about life and war during the World War II is written by Men based on their experience of the war at home as well as in theBattlefields. As a result we are bombarded with what men have contributed to the Second World War. This book however provides insight into the war of a woman, about how she manages to control a family during turbulent times of war, how she tries to salvage and work with a stale marriage while striving to stay alive. The book helps us understand war form a woman’s perspective.

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