Sample Essay

The air pollution has very adverse effects on humans, as well as on the environment and the animals and plants inhibiting in its. Humans and animals can face life threatening respiratory diseases and condition caused by the toxic and harmful compounds in the air.

Moreover the presence of chlorofluorocarbons and toxic waste in the air tends to harm the growth of green life, flora and fauna both above the land as well as under the water. The short terms and effect of air pollution pertain to headaches, lethargy, nausea, reparatory infection and slow destruction of the environment. Long term effects however pertain to permanent life threatening diseases and conditions being developed in human and animals, like lung cancer, heart disease etc. Moreover premature medical death is also attributed to the high concentration of pollution in ones habitat. It was recently released in the journal of American Heart Association that air pollution is deadly for the heart. Even at normal or basic levels, the air pollution is poisonous for the heart. This is the main reason for the increasing cardiovascular diseases and attacks being reported in urban and metropolitan cities in the US. “Even after taking into account other risk factors, such as smoking, diet, weight and occupation, the scientists found that air pollution increased the chances of heart disease. “This link was stronger for cardiovascular disease than respiratory disease,” Pope said. “Substantially more than two-thirds of deaths due to air pollution are cardiovascular deaths, or heart diseases, if you will, versus respiratory deaths.”” (‘Air Pollution: Bad For Your Heart’, 2003) The other main impact that the air pollution has is the increase in asthma cases. Air pollution is directly related to asthma as the impurities, toxic material as well foreign components tend to trigger asthma symptoms in humans.

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