Sample Essay

Telecommunications is a fast progressing field of business which incorporates the use of technology for the purpose of communication and data sharing. Organizations make use of telecommunication networks and systems in order to dispense data throughout the organization and provide coordination and communication resources.

Since 2006, the telecommunication aspect of the world economy has contributed revenue of $1.2 trillion from all over the world. “A telecommunications network is a collection of communication devices interconnected in some fashion. In general, a network includes the terminal equipment (such as telephone handsets, Ethernet access devices, and 802.11 Wi-Fi cards) and the network routing equipment and control infrastructure (such as switches, routers, and billing servers). The logical structure and the physical equipment of a network have a profound effect on security, either lending to greater security or creating specific vulnerabilities.” (‘Telecommunications Network Security’, 2009)

Protection measures taken for telecommunication network security pertain to installation of firewalls, and software that protect data as well as the software from risky an malicious programs. Updates are a regular feature whereby patches and upgrades of the software being used in the telecommunication network security and the operating system are used to keep the system updated.

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