Sample Essay

The technology also directly affects the business as it relates to the technology availability for conducting business operation in the region. As technology investment and availability is widespread in Germany this is not much of a concern. Aside from this the legal reforms and policies being made pertaining to multinational corporations and foreign exchange also would directly affect the business.

The key success factors that relate to operating in the environment in Germany pertain to having contacts and affiliations with already existing established brands and clients. This increases the reputation as well as the attractiveness of the marketing company the industry. Other success factors include a diverse and efficient creative team which is able to deliver unique and fruitful ideas d=for the marketing campaigns, a committed top management, an established and  comprehensive market research department or affiliations with market research agencies which can provide the company with information about the target markets for the various clients. Moreover the company also has to be able to identify and cater accordingly to the clients’ requirements and provide them with the best suited pitch ion order for the advertising strategy and the marketing strategies to take hold on the market and provide return for the clients.

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