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Aside from this the despite having significant benefits pertaining to being cost effective, providing low level of emissions and better performance levels, the technology was failure in terms of adoption by the automotive companies as the production of the product required extensive change and customization to the plant and the process.

Moreover the Australian industry suffered from lack of credibility for technology as the local market itself assumed that the local innovators could never come up with technology which could rival or better than the technology invented by overseas manufactures. This hindered the progression and the adoption of the two stroke orbital engine. 


Aside from this the new technology of initiated by an Australian company was highly doubtful and presented uncertainty for the international automotive giants. It. presented the automotive market industry giants with high risk in terms of increased uncertainty due to the innovative yet new nature of the idea. This led to a conservative approach being taken by the automotive market players in terms of adopting the two stoke orbital engine to replace the rotating engines being use at the time.

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