Sample Essay

Technological change is in fact a limited framework for understanding social change as the society is highly volatile and can use technology by controlling it for its own purposes. While the presence of technology does pave way for social change, the social change actually comes about due to the application that society puts the technology to further achieve their objectives and goals. This can be represented through the case of the internet which was launched as a communication tool, and with the increased use and development of the communication technology based on the internet and the increased acceptance and knowledge of the technology as depicted by the society, internet has become an alternate media for communication instead of simply a communication tool.

The advancement of technology and the integration of cultures through media in the recent years have resulted in globalization taking place which has reduced the political boundaries between countries and created a trend towards increased trade. However due to the same reason trade dominance has also occurred whereby certain producing countries like the United States have managed to capture and capitalize on the Canadian market, taking the market share away from the Canadian media industry, While in the shirt run it may seem as a cause for resentment, in the long run competitive efficiencies will form whereby each country and culture would stele into a niche position in the globalized market which best benefits them and provides them with a comparative advantage., This would bring greater social harmony as the political and cultural boundaries would be blurred in favor of a cohesive society which can coexist.

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