Sample Essay

The customers for the LED lighting technology and the fixtures and fittings based on LED lighting bulbs are numerous having varying characteristics. However the characteristics of the consumers that would be targeted with the business venture are provided below.The targeted consumers for LED lighting products would include the industries and the commercial businesses resident in Abu Dhabi that have large public spaces, private parking spaces, parking lots, or parks under their jurisdiction that need to be lighted using efficient and effective lighting technology. The LED lighting technology would be able to cater to these customers by providing them with cost effective solutions that use less electricity while are much more productive in terms of lighting the spaces.


The other possible customers that can be targeted using the products are residential consumers and commercial/ office consumers. Products can be manufactured having the LED lighting technology that can be used in office spaces, in buildings for office/ cabin lighting as well as for lighting store displays, store shelves, retail spaces, shops, as well as residential houses.

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