Sample Essay

The systems analysis approach is one of the main factors which determine the success of information technology projects. The systems analysis approach takes into account the specific roles and tasks which are performed by a system and aids in the development of a system structure according to the needs and requirements of the project as well as the installation and the deployment of the IT projects The needs and requirements which are crucial for any system development, forming an important aspect of product management are determined through the requirements analysis in the needs assessment and product planning phase.

Project management is described by the Product Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as the management of a program which has a pre established short termed existence and a definite end date. The IT projects however are specifically those which result in the delivery of information technology based products, and or systems. A product manager for IT and systems based projects therefore has different responsibilities than a normal manager. He is responsible for the supervision, the development, the rollout, the implementation and the post implementation monitoring and reporting of the systems based projects while also coordinating the different functions of the project.

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