Sample Essay

JC Penny’s is another successful American retailer that has been operating in the US. The company has been making innovative changes in its product lines to attract a different segment of customers.

The market segment for the younger female shoppers has increased, and the company has been striving to attract the young women shoppers segment by up scaling its apparel, accessories, music, body & health care stores inside the departmental store. The company made drastic changes to its Sephora cosmetics store and the collections that it launched for the fall of 2006 to better attract the younger shoppers (O’Loughlin, 2006). Aside from this the company also updated its spring line of private label apparel as well as the home furnishings to increase sales and store traffic. The company worked in alliance with the private labels by Chris Madden, Bisou Bisou and Nicole Miller for targeting niche segments of the market (O’Loughlin, 2006)

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