Sample Essay

The Stoner Inc. emphasizes team work as motivational teams are made which are based on the functions of the company pertaining to marketing, sales, inside sales, manufacturing and warehousing technology, logistics, accounting, and information technology. Daily meeting are set up where the performance results personal goals and behaviors are discussed. These can be extrapolated to quarterly and half yearly meetings as well. Phone and email is used mostly but no alternative to face to face communication is preferred.

Each employee in the team who has command and grasp over the problem topic takes over the leading position, resulting in every team member holing a problem solving position. Compensation in the company is based on achievement of personal and business objectives. The incentives provided pertain to bonus incentives, and non financial incentives like lunch parties, personal congratulations, and recognition at meetings.  The benefits include personal days, vacation time, flexible spending accounts, profit sharing, and allowance of manufacturing hours set by team members. Skills training provided and there is also a set requirement of 40 hours of training each year for every employee. The company hires the top best candidate through panel consensus and provides the first 3 weeks of job as orientation with no work responsibilities. It also provides mentoring and training for the purpose of succession. Employee motivation is enhanced by improving relationship between employees and business

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