Sample Essay

Sexually transmitted diseases as they relate to the community are directly affected by the promotion of sex, the lack of knowledge about protection and contraceptives, the lack of knowledge of transmission, lack of educational sex as well as no established programs for education on sex and the family system not wanting the schools to teach their children about the subject matter.

The indirect factors that can lead to sexually transmitted diseases as they relate to the community pertain to the promotion of sex and sexual activity in the media, the promotion of sex by peers, the lack of information, knowledge and support provided by medical and health centers as well as lack of initiatives taken by schools and community centers to implement programs for the education on sexually transmitted diseases, their effects and consequences and how they can be avoided.

Suicide and depression as it related to the community provides that insufficient group choices, low self esteem, non conformity, lack of public concern, lack of peer counseling and lack of funding can lead to high levels of suicide and depression among adolescents. The indirect factors that can contribute to this pertain to adolescents not being able to relate to their peers and conform to the various groups. The adolescents not being able to adapt to the changing high school environment, lack of confidence and moral support, and lack of support from friends or family.

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