Sample Essay

Ships and seaport have been the main medium of transport over the period of time, however with the changes taking place in the socio economic and politic-legal environments as well the developing technologies being put forward, the sea ports have lost some of their grandeur and importance. They are now facing lower amounts of passenger traffic while the cargo and transport of goods is also increasingly being transported through plane or rail. The only products which are mostly shipped are those which are too bulky to transport any other way or are too dangerous to be carried through land, rail or air.


However the lack of investment in the marine and seaport sector and the relatively slow economic conditions are not the only issues being faced by port. Other issues which are much more critical in nature are those pertaining to the environment. Most of the world’s seaports are polluted due to excess usage, high level of traffic and the industrialization of the area surrounding the seaports.

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