Sample Essay

As mentioned the activity that has to be conducted pertains to stopping any additional pollutants for being disposed in the sea. This will take the form of the government investing in projects which would take filter the toxic waste form the local waters and would dispose of them through extermination or though disabling the toxic contents and burring them in natural wastelands The process of collection an transportation of this toxic waste is going o be expensive and as a result the government will have to cooperate with the corporation in the national industry to aid in the process of cleaning the environment. Aside from this the government can also invest in research and development of technologies like chemical and safe nanotechnology which can be used to rid the port areas of toxic elements.

Secondly the government will have to invest in the development of the environment. This will take the form of banning fishing in the contaminated waters and littering the environment rehabilitating itself though breeding and natural evolution. The government however can facilitate the process by restricting the access of the recently cleaned regions to humans for a period of time for allowing the environment rehabilitate. Moreover the government can invest in projects which can protect and breed the extinct and endangered flora, fauna, animal and marine life that is present in the areas. Aside from this the coral reef will have to be protected as well. The reason for this is that by providing protection to the coral reef the government will be indirectly investing in the rehabilitation of the marine life. Coral reef has the natural characteristic of recycling water and supporting marine and plant life.

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