Sample Essay

The regulatory issues that specifically pertain to the telecommunication network security issues related to the breach of security by internal as well as external parties resulting in network corruption, its vulnerability and loss of integrity of data,. The reliability of the network, its accessibility, unauthorized access based attacks, spamming, reliability, rapid expansion, scalability, and threat to continuity are the main regulatory issues that are faced by the telecommunication networks.

Other issues that are faced by the telecommunication networks pertain to numbering, the regulation of the old and the new system infrastructure specific to security, the quality of the service provided and the lack of emergency access to the network. The privacy of the customers on the network also is a crucial regulatory issue whereby the consumer is to be protected from malevolent threats and attacks to the network security. Aside from this the reliability of the network service provided with the increase in users is also a regulatory issue which deals with the scalability of the network. Other threats to the regulatory provisions for the telecommunication networks take the form of “Malformed Message Attacks, Buffer Overflow Attacks, Denial-of Service attacks,RTPsession hijacking, Injection of unauthenticRTPpackets into existingRTPflows, Re-use of compromised SIP credentials, and Hostile SIP network elements” (Goyal, 2009)

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