Sample Essay

The recommendation that I would provide for the policy would be to make a specific tourism plan. This could take form of branding the region as a business as well as cultural hotspot and launching an advertising and promotions campaign pertaining to the tourism features in the region. Aside from this the tourism related policies should be highlighted at conferences and can be used to support the tourism marketing program forHong Kong. One strong example of this is the Tourism marketing program led byMalaysiawhich provides a slogan of ‘Malaysia, Truly Asia.’

Hong Konghas been able to develop exponentially in the last 60 years. However in order to sustain this development the region has to focus on sustaining the economic development as well as maintaining the institution of democracy while providing for a harmonious society. The policy depicted here also has to focus on the finer points of attracting and retaining tourists in the region to make way for a flourishing regional tourism industry.

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