Sample Essay

Deleuze has talked about the philosophy of time, change and movement when a film is in production. These elements have been considered in the production of Holiday Inn too as will be found out if the movie is analysed. The film takes place in different periods; for instance it shows the Independence Day as well as the Thanksgiving, which relates that the time period that the film covers is enough. One of the montages shows Jim, a character from this film, working hard the whole year round and he is so busy working that he experiences a breakdown. The montage here must be very applicable with various images of Jim working in all four seasons and getting totally worked up. The element of time that Deleuze has defined can be very applicable to this scene of Jim, with time passing on and changing him and his perspectives.

Then there is change and movement, which are almost inevitable when time is moving on. Change occurs with the Americans gaining independence, and other than that too, when each anniversary of the Independence Day passes the civilians become more patriotic. The holiday they get due to the occasion is spent in a different manner each year. The third element, movement, can be applied here as the people move on from one time period to another, or to another place. However, one thing to be noted is that Deleuze speaks of movement as not related to the space covered. Looking at the film from the montage viewpoint the images that have been put together to produce shots and scenes have been used to show how the time passes and everything changes. The images are of different locations and time periods and are showing various occasions and happenings. And these images together form a scene which “reunites objects and sets into a single identical duration” (Deleuze, Cinema 1: The Movement-Image 20).

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