Sample Essay

Palm Inc is the manufacturer of hand held devices and is the founder of this product category. Palm Inc’s products are specialty products. However, in recent times the manufacturer has lost face to increasing competition and a more sophisticated consumer base. The kind of strategy that the company employs in terms of the Porter’s generic strategies classification is more geared towards a focused strategy. This is evident from the fact that it sells to a limited customer market but adds value to each and every product, striving to differentiate from competitors.

It has a major market share which it had garnered by adapting the first mover’s advantage, but today to protect its status it is using various techniques such as licensing its products to various hardware companies such as HP and Acer. This company faces a major challenge of being innovative at every moment because major competitors are challenging it by making various products and providing more user friendly features to attract the present customers in the market. This paper seeks to analyze the company’s current strategy and the inputs that it required to move to other generic strategies. (Palm Inc, 2011)

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