Sample Essay

It is an understood fact that destructive workplace behavior would automatically cause problems in retaining employees. Similar is the case with nurses. Since they are not provided with a proper respectful environment they ultimately leave their work due to the stress they have to face. Huston has rightly categorized nurses as being the “oppressed group”. This needs to be rectified on an urgent basis considering the damage that they experience plus also the fact that there is a shortage of nurses and their demand is high in the healthcare services. Thus they need to be satisfied and motivated at workplace rather than be ill-treated.

There is a common scenario of the existence of lateral hostility and disruptive behavior in the nursing profession. Normally they are reported to be treated poorly and verbal abuse is common which hurts their respect. Their interaction among the peers is also just fair. The blatant communication which they have to experience may intimidate or threaten them and this leads to great emotional anguish. Due to the frustration they have contained within themselves these nurses may in turn open up to their peer nurses and engage in an aggressive attitude with them: the oppressed becomes the oppressor.

Cultural liability is another aspect within the nursing profession that needs attention. Because of the fact that population is ageing more and more day by day, and that there is a shortage of nurses, the present ones have to face extreme workload which may lead to burnout. This becomes even more intolerable when the nurses are not praised, or even just recognized for the work they are doing. Instead, they are only exposed to abusive interactions which cause further decreased job satisfaction.

There is a need of rectifying this issue at once and providing the nurses with proper environment to work in which allows them respect and other human rights.

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