Sample Essay

“Network security system is an essential component of the configuration as well as network management. Implementation of effective network security provides both physical and information security to paths, links, and databases. Network security is simply a process or action adopted to detect as well as prevent unauthorized usage of your computer. In other words, network security is a technique in the form of some kind of software, which safeguards the primary networking infrastructure from illegal access, malfunction, misuse, destruction, alteration, or improper disclosure.

This in turn provides a safe platform for computers, programs, and users to carry out their allowable significant functions within a protected environment” (WJaegel, 2008). Through network security the telecommunication networks can be made confidential, while protecting the integrity of the data and providing accountability for actions carried out on the network.

The security needs for the telecommunication networks have further intensified due to the usage demands and patterns of the users and the e-commerce based activities being performed through the networks.

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