Sample Essay

Vitamins are the blocks which are used to build the human body. Therefore by taking Vitamins we replenish our supply of building blocks. The use of Subex Z with Zinc counters the deficiently of vitamin B, C and E which might exist due to poor nutrition, or as a result of a recent illness. Aside from this the vitamin is also used to overcome vitamin deficiency caused by Pregnancy as well.Taking the vitamin everyday can increase the intake of Vitamin B, C, E and Zinc. However of the person already has been keeping a high intake of Zinc and Vitamin B then these can lead to near toxicity or even complete toxicity levels. 

The consequences of toxicity are that the person may start to suffer from diarrhea, loss of mental and physical coordination, joint pains, pain caused by the passing out of urine as well as the feeling of numbness in the hands and feet. As a result if these symptoms occur it is important to get a consultation for the doctor or approach a hospital.

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