Sample Essay

The prisons are a place of reproach, self analysis and reconstruction, where the prisoners can undergo development of their character, their skills as well as pay penance for their actions. However in the recent years it has been observed through new reports and exposes on such high security prisons that they have been breeding grounds for crime and violation of human rights. This is mostly due to the fact that the security prisons like the supermax inAmerica, Abu Ghraib, and Guatanamo Bay are institutions where the prisoners are kept in isolation from the world under a strict routine. The deprivation from the society and its norm has resulted in increased incidents of prisoner abuse and immoral treatment of the prisoners at the hands of the guards. Often it has been reported in the public media that the prisoners at such prisons face.

Conclusively it can be depicted that keeping the humans in isolation for long periods can have a negative effect on their concept of moral behavior. Their perception of moral behavior in such circumstances can get altered. In the case 0of prison guards as discussed above their morality decreased in presence of authority and anonymity provided from the accountability of their actions leading to the perception of lack of responsibility. The removal of humans from social bonds, norms and constructs can alter their psychological decision making capacity which can often make them justify their immoral actions to themselves which is why good people can do bad things when given the chance and the opportunity. Where proper supervision and controls are not present humans in isolated environments can become dehumanized resulting in the Lucifer Effect as depicted by Zimbardo through his experiments.

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