Sample Essay

This was just an example. Similar is the case with the other issues of life. For instance, a materialistic businessman would make decisions regarding his company that would reflect his personality, no matter how that would affect the workers or the society in general. Materialistic citizens would rather consider their own comfort and take such decisions like buying new, expensive and processed products instead of the recycled and environment friendly products. And so on.

Kasser quotes Mohammad in his book: “Riches are not from abundance of worldly goods, but from a contented mind” (Kasser, 2003, p.97). Mohammad has very nicely summed up a formula for a successful life. His idea is indeed seen to be followed when one sees how Islamic Purists are attacking materialism in the western nations. However, sadly this attack is seen as one on the American and European culture instead. There is definitely a need for rectifying this issue of materialism, at least to an extent, since in the West this is leading to the commercialization of sex and the production of pornographic material that would certainly be disapproved by the traditional citizens who actually tried to make sure of the existence of morality in the West.

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