Sample Essay

The wise marketing decisions that were undertaken by the Orbital Engine Corporation for attaining the objective of getting major car makers in the US to adopt the new technology based two stroke engines includes the decision of the company to arrange for third party, authorized automotive testing for their engines.

These tests were comprehensive and exhaustive arranged by outsourced third parties having a reputable position in the automotive industry and aimed and providing the automotive industry giants with proof of the durability and the reliability of the orbital two stroke engine as an engine that could be used in vehicles and automobiles with success. Moreover these tests also aimed at illustrating the automotive companies as to how the performance of the matched the claims of the Orbital Engine Corporation and verified the mechanical durability of the engine. Aside from this it also illustrated how the engine was much better at controlling and reducing emissions as compared to other two and four stroke engines. The benefits of getting the technology verified by a third party in this case for emissions included financial benefits in terms of participating in emission trading schemes, while providing a degree of credibility for the reporting of information and the claims being made by the company. Aside from this it also provides for integrity, transparency, consistency, as well as reliability in the technology (‘Green House Gas Emissions’, 2008).

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