Sample Essay

It is not possible to estimate and arrive as the possible number of lights that would be demanded by the market on an annual basis from consumers in the industrial and commercial market for LED technology based high bay lights for street and parking lots. This is because it is not effectively possible to estimate the number of lighting fixtures that are set up in parking lots and along wide spaces on streets. However it can be estimated what quantity of products can be sold by the company to the market in the first three years of its operations.

The average price of each LED light for street and parking lot lighting products is estimated to be at $100. The price is kept low in order to attract high volume of sales from the prospective consumers in the market and to penetrate in the market gradually while building a reputation for high quality, energy efficient products. Based on this information, the target units that have to be sold by the company pertain to selling 1,750 units in the first year of its operations 23,300 units in the second year of its operations and 55,750units in its third year of operations, 80,933 in the fourth year and 107,933 in the fifth year of its operations. The significantly large estimate form the year to year basis in terms of the units that can be sold to the market is set as in the first year there might be limited number of customers available, however as the products of the company penetrate into the market, the demand for the products can increase in the following years on an incremental basis.

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