Sample Essay

Henri Fayol, a management pioneer in the early 20th century, focused his studies on creating efficient systems of organizational administration.  Today’s organizations, and the environments in which they operate, are very different to those in Fayol’s times.  His views therefore are of little, if any, relevance to management today.

The world has been dynamically changing in the past few decades; however the most dramatic change in the economy as well as the industries has come about since after the world war. This has happened due to the massive investment in education by the people as well as the extensive research taking place for innovation and forward approach based technologies. The investment in the integrative and the communication based technology specially the internet and the mobile telephonic technology has greatly incremented the position of the economy worldwide making it much different form the economy that was present at the time of Henry Fayol. The following paper analysis and identifies as to how much relevance do Fayol’s theories of business and strategic planning hold in the new, dynamic, and diverse workplaces of toady

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