Sample Essay

Similar to the customer needs from the CRM, the needs of the Management at the FirstAir n airline would also be significantly different than those of a normal commercial airline company. The management of the FirstAir airline would be interested in identifying how they can best cater to the customer. For this they would be interested in determining a trend from current customers to offer services and products to customers before they can express their desires or identify their lack through complaints.

The management needs from the customer relationship management option would include gathering information on the customers, and making customer profiles. They would need to know how to best market to the customers through mass media, BTL branding and schemes (Jiang, 2003). The management would need to know about the traffic levels top their destinations to identify the trend of the travel of their market. Their needs would also include determining which in flight services are popular amongst the customers and which need to be improved upon for maintaining good relationships with their customers for retention. Similarly they would also be interested in determining the booking capacity, efficiency and performance of their various customer interaction points. The management needs highlighted above can allow the management to operate the business in a much efficient and effective manner .By gathering in depth data on  their current customers, the management would be able to make strategies for attracting new customers while also striving to retain customers using retention and relationship building strategies.

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