Sample Essay

The Valkyrie Lighting Corporation is currently facing problems in terms loss of its market share to its competitors as a result of the change in the market trends in dynamics and the demands for customization being put forward by its customers. The company is currently unable to fulfill the demands of its customers as its supply chain process as well as its production function is built for long term bulk orders and not for short run customized ones.

The other source of its problems is the faltering relationship which the company has with its main supplier, who has in turn been providing erratic deliveries of the components resulting in delayed deliveries on part of the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation. “Although more work is needed within the SCM discipline, the issue of supply chain risk and vulnerability should not be addressed solely from a functional SCM perspective. Supply chain vulnerability is a concern for many other managerial disciplines”, (Peck, 2006) Therefore it has been recommended to the Valkyrie Lighting Corporation that the company should revise and remodel its supply chain, whereby an additional dedicated production line is financed for the Sunshine Corporation and regional assembly plants are set up for reduction of transport and logistics costs. The company should also make use of the ecommerce based integrative system for its supply china which can be accessed through the internet and can be used to manage the supply chain on a global level for the company.

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