Sample Essay

The Bloomingdales stores and the Macys departmental stores are managed by the company Federated departmental Stores. The company has invested significantly in the floor format, store layout and the image of the store for Bloomingdales in order to make it a successful chain of retail stores in theUnited States. These investments pertained to changes in the format and the layout of the sore to increase the number of dressing rooms, and the elevation of the store ceilings to support change the environment and the image of the store.  (Moin, 2005)

The company has let of its Bridge moniker and instead now uses the new floor format as per it’s the new view design. The company also increased the number of designer labels incorporated in the stores while also bringing them closer to the ground floors to make them accessible to the general public. The company has also invested in additional in store services and support to change the image of the Macy’s store by furnishing with sofas and chandeliers, providing the shoppers with water coolers at frequent intervals, mannequins on lighted pedestals and winder and more spacious shopping areas that have been decorated in different themes. (Moin, 2005)

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