There was a section in the questionnaire which required the respondent to give reasons why they support the PPP procurement format over the traditional procurement route. They cited economic pressure for the need to grow, the social pressure of the public facilities, depletion of the government funding, avoiding restrictions in the public investment forums as well as securing high quality public implements (Al-Hazmi, 1987).

All these are factors which should inform the government to change its procurement process.  31.6% of the respondents cited depletion of government funding as well as avoiding restriction in the public investment sector.

15.8% supported social pressure to be an important factor in the embracing of the PPP as the proper way to go. 10.5% of the respondents believed in the need to secure high quality public facilities. Another 10.5% opined that economic pressure to develop should play a major role in the need for change of the procurement process.

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