Sample Essay

The concept of torture is very similar to that of capital punishment. In most states around the world as well as United States of America, capital punishment as a form of repercussion for crimes has been prohibited on the moral and ethical grounds.

On the similar note torture should also be banned as according to principle as well as practice it is highly immoral and non justifiable, no matter what the circumstances dictate. “Torture is so heinous and vile an activity that relevant standards of necessity and proportionality simply cannot, in practice, be met. How, it is argued, can we be certain that the person we have in custody is really a terrorist? How can we be sure that there are further actions planned for the future, or, even if there are, that the person we have captured has any knowledge of them? And how can we be confident of the reliability of anything he might tell us under torture?” (McMahan, 2006)

Another factor which raises questions pertaining to the effectiveness of torture is that the victim of torture usually tends to agree to the accusations and may provide false information to the torturer in order to simply put a stop to the acts of torture being performed on him. “Many critics of torture claim that it is ineffective as well as repugnant. Since people will say anything just to stop the pain, the information gleaned may not be reliable. (‘Is Torture Ever Justified’, 2007)

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