Sample Essay

The social life is also a factor of difference between high school and college. In high school the parents usually maintain and control the education of the student while in the college the individual has to balance his social and academic life. This makes them more prone to making mistakes that don’t get realized until later.

In high school the individual usually makes a choice based on the advice of the parents and the teachers. Usually parents play a strong role in the choices that are made for the individual. In college however the choices to be made are entirely the responsibility of the student. However counselors are present who can guide the student through the option available.

High school students usually live with their parents with siblings as roommates. Many have the whole room to themselves. In colleges the student usually shares the room with a complete stranger. This is actually beneficial to the students. The roommates can help each other through the loneliness of the first few days and also help in adapting to the new college life.

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