Sample Essay

┬áPardon Dory Jacobian while she takes a second to phone her oven. It’s all part of her quest to create a fresh, homemade meal instead of playing the fast-food follies with her kids. Before heading out to work in the morning, Jacobian can slip a made-from-scratch lasagna into her Whirlpool Corp. Polara range.┬áThe device contains a compressor that keeps food cold up to 24 hours and begins cooking at whatever time she programs. Better yet, at her request, the Polara calls her several times during the day to remind her when dinner is to be served. If 12-year-old Stuart’s soccer game runs late, she can call her oven and command it to slow down or stop cooking altogether.

In the living room, fads rule. This year, for the first time, sales of digital cameras are expected to overtake film cameras, and digital music downloading is still going strong. Free file-swapping services such as Kazaa and Morpheus have millions of users online at any moment, and Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes Music Store customers downloaded 5 million 99 cents songs in just the first eight weeks of operation. As for Vialta, maker of the Beamer videophone, the plan this fall is to release a higher-end version that turns into a digital picture frame — a device that displays preprogrammed sequences of digital photos — when it’s not doing videoconferences. Coming soon: a cheaper version that uses the TV as the picture screen.

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