Sample Essay

The global warming issue reeks of controversy set by the political influencers in the world of today. McCarthyism is observed in the political circles pertaining to global warming according to Bellamy who mentions it in his article he states that the global warming is being used as an issue to gain votes from the public while making them scared and panicked towards promoting action for a future event which is not scientifically proven to take place in the future. Instead more important issues and problems are being hidden which present a more urgent threats like the meltdown of the economy, political and economic reforms that present more of a danger to the public are being covered by the hype of the global warming.

The strength of the argument lies in the evidence presented by Bellamy pertaining to the fluctuations in the world average temperatures in the last century and how they point towards a cyclical occurrence of troughs of low temperatures along with peaks of high temperature recordings. This indicates how the persistent argument for global warming may be a fallacy not based on clear evidence. Similarly the strength of the argument also lies in the nation of the relationship between carbon dioxide and global warming which is much touted around. Global warming and increase in carbon dioxide levels are not related phenomenon as period of ice ages have revealed a high level of carbon dioxide. Moreover in the recent years the teremperatures have been falling instead of falling with the increasing level of carbon dioxide giving way to the fact that the relationship between carbon dioxide and global warming may be little understood by the scientists.

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