Sample Essay

There are mixed perceptions of the western world regarding the Shariah and the Islamic Commercial Law. On one hand the use of Shariah law and Islamic banking structures in countries outside of Muslim nations is increasing, while on the other hand the implementation of Shariah is being strongly opposed against by non Muslims as well as Muslims alike. The main reasons for the opposition of the Islamic Commercial Law and the Shariah law is due to the propaganda that is present in the media and the amount of devote that has been conducted against it.

            As has been discussed earlier Islamic Commercial Law and Shariah are being increasingly sought after by the public inBritain. There are many Muslims that reside in theUKand their significant presence in the region has created a need for Shariah based courts and Islamic commercial law which can be applied to them. In this regard, the Archbishop of Canterbury mad an address in which he mentioned that it would soon become unavoidable forBritainnot to integrate Shariah law and Islamic commercial law into its legal system. This however has been met by strong arguments by the media as well as the public in the west by Muslim and non Muslim alike. Those who protest the implementation off Shariah base their argument saying that “it would be ‘simply impossible’ to bring Shariah law into British law ‘without fundamentally affecting its integrity’.

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