Sample Essay

The main advantage of the policy is that it focused on the development of the state of Hong Kongwith specific strategies for the short as well as the long term period. The pros of the policy for tourism pertain to the fact that the policy depicts increase in the development of the transport infrastructure in the region. This preservation of the cultural heritage and archeological buildings will attract the customers while the transport system will make way for easy traveling for them, aside from this the policy also points out the establishment of a creative capital. This capital is supposed to be a hub for independence art and culture attracting patrons of art as well as tourists from all around the world this will enable the region to be competitive in international tourism market. The cons of the policy pertain to the fact that the policy does not provide for the development of a specific tourism oriented campaign. The highlights of the policy for 2007-2008 largely focused on improving the quality of life as well as making strategies for cultural preservation. This is very beneficial for the tourism in the region asHong Kongitself is a business district with deep rooted culture pertaining to British colonial times as well as that relating to china and Buddhism. Investing in these would enable the tourism flow to increase both from international sources as well as local and regional sources. The critique however again is that the policy does not specifically present tourism focused strategy.

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