Sample Essay

For the purpose of this research, the data collection methods that have been employed pertain to a combination of information gathering techniques. We needed to get information on the Human resource system and management practices at the company and for this we approached the company, it current as well as ex-employees as well as the human resource management companies that conduct operations on behalf of the Lehman brothers company. The form of the data collection strategies employed was primarily qualitative in nature for both the primary and the secondary data collection in the research.


The secondary data that was collected for the purpose of this research project was gathered from literature on the subject matter available on the internet, on the academic journals as well as through the industry based magazines which report strategies and management issues faced by the companies in the industry. The academic and trade journals were accesses through the online group of 9 databases provided by Ebscohost. The Academic Premier Library and the Business Resource Premier were searched for information on the human resource practices at Lehman Brothers.

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