Sample Essay

The government on the other hand will also have to develop the economic activity in the region. This can take the form of investing in technology which can avoid the emitting of pollutions and providing this technology to the industrial sector in the port region as well as the sea ports at discounted and subsidized rates.The plan of action for the achievement of these initiatives would include devising the environmental policy, planning for it, implementing the policy and controlling the pollution, checking the environmental for any required corrective action and conducting a management review which will result in a process of continuous improvement.


The policies that are stated above would be in the national interest as they would be providing a rehabilitated environment through policies which would be sustainable in the long run. Moreover the government would be supporting and aiding the local industry to employ green methods of manufacturing and operations while contributing to the environmental as well as fostering growth in the economic sector. The economic activity will also increase in the region due to the development of the population through subsided education. In the long run the community in these areas will be able to recover and employ themselves sin new business which would be less harmful to the environment. Tourism can be a very interesting and prospective industry for such regions.

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