Sample Essay

The general differences that are perceived amongst the two countries pertain to the approach towards democracy in Germany as well as in theUnited States. In theUnited Statesit is the majority of the voters which decides the candidate nominations for the presidency. While in Germany, a proportionate mix of voting by the people as well as the decision made by the demographic parties in terms of their nomination for seats in the house of the parliament and for the position of the prime minister and the president. As a result the political parties deicide which candidate should be appointed for the candidacy of a specific position while in the US a 50 percent majority is responsible for this decision making.

Aside from the political structure and the approach taken by the countries towards democracy, the two countries are significantly different in terms of their freedom to speech and security. In the US, freedom of speech is one of the constitutional rights while in Germany freedom of speech is applied in a more conservative and selective manner. Similarly the degree of nationalism and the values of the people in Germany and America are significantly different as well. for Americans the institution of theunited statesand its government is a separate entity than the country name and persona, which is why even if they have conflicting sentiments for the government of the system, they are patriotic and harbor positive sentiments forAmerica. InGermanyhowever the people value and liken the history of the country as the persona of the country. They take into account the history, culture as well as the political and economic system of the country into account when forming views about the country.

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