Sample Essay

The media tends to encourage the divide between the genders and the stereotypes. This can be represented by the fact that women are normally underrepresented in the media, regardless of the genre. The male is again represented here as a dominant party.  The females are also more likely to be used and depicted in the media for decorative purposes than men. The female body is usually put forward as a temptation and attraction for the audience.

The males are usually represented in a matter of fact manner. Aside from this the males and the females are also shown in the media as conducting and carrying out different activities. The men are usually shown as the ones working out of the house, and making the important decision of life. The media targeted towards men tends to be focused on long term objectives and goals like career planning, education and independence while the media being targeted towards the females usually is focused on improving self appearance. Moreover the women of color are represented in a more biased manner than white females. Black women are usually shown as being very voluptuous and decorative items while Asian, Hispanics as well as Native American women are usually not even depicted in magazines.

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