Sample Essay

The article by Matlin depicted the various forms in which serotypes are formed. The main focus however was on the formation of stereotypes through the social cognitive approach. According to this theory there exists a relationship between the cognitive processes of the brain and the beliefs that the individual leans and takes up according to his or her upbringing.

The existence of the concept of stereo types tends to hamper our cognitive processes making it inaccurate. These inaccuracies can be created in the form of gender polarization, different expectations based on gender as well as the fact that people tend to remember information based on gender. The gender polarization takes form when the individual divides people into the categories of t male and female. When this happens the individual tends to see everything in the environment as either being a male or a female. As a result the individual also starts to have different expectations from the male and the females, whereby prescribing them specific roles in the society. Form amongst these two categories, the individual is more likely to see the male as a norm, making the female a disparity from the norm. However this categorization enables the individual to remember gender consistent information more aptly that gender inconsistent information.

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