Sample Essay

Jiang Lintao provided in his article that telecom networks as well as the internet are interrelated and therefore security measures for them both will develop on a conjoint basis. He provided in his article that “telecom networks and the Internet will integrate in the next-generation IP-based network. Many mainstream carriers are adopting dual-network architecture, which in fact describes two overlapping IP networks utilizing the same technologies and provides an example of integration.

The development direction of telecom networks and the Internet will be next-generation IP-based network, the most significant feature of which is packet digitization that employs packet multiplexing digital technology as the next-generation IP-based network core. The next-generation IP-based network will encapsulate the future information infrastructure, and should possess rigorous security measures to guarantee consumer rights, national security and social stability.” (Lintao, 2007)

The trends in network security also depict the use of biometrics, especially when it comes to authentication for authorization and data access. Biometrics is more defined and less likely to be infiltrated by hackers as  it uses biological and forensic code. The use of face recognition, finger prints as well as iris scanned for protected access is currently expensive, however when this is incorporated in mainstream network security, it can provide a comprehensive solution to the problems of unauthorized access of data/ resources and privacy.

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