Sample Essay

Internet has made way with the gatekeeper of information making it accessible o all. The future of the News industry is very dynamic as the internet provides the industry with unlimited opportunities pertaining to communication which can be used as a business process as well as a product offering by the companies in the news industry. However the presence of the internet is also changing the way journalists, politicians and consumers conduct their business and carry out their activities as a result in the future it is also possible for newspapers as we know them to be eliminated. However instead of it new technologies and products which dispense news will come about. The most recent of these products is the emergence of online bogs, RSS feeds to websites and online newspapers. A prosperous news industry is only able to exist if the companies in the industry strive to adapt to the technology of internet instead of fight against it.

Moreover the already existing new related businesses have transgressed to providing information and new content related services through the internet as well. This is how the news industry is adopting the information technology of the internet and is trying to stay bin market and survive the competition that is growing. Aside form this internet is also offering the new entrants into the industry as well as the current players to pursue news related business online and earning more revenue form a larger market by means of subscription fees, online based advertising on their sites, as well as pay per click links.

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