Frank Lloyd Wright was born with the name Frank Lincoln Wright in 8 June 1867 in Richland Center in Wisconsin of the United States. He changed his name to Frank Lloyd Wright after his parents divorced to honour his mother’s name.  Until his death in 9 April 1959, he was an educator, writer, interior designer and American architect (Wright 51). Throughout his life, he was able to design over 1,000 projects with over 500 being completed successfully.

His design work involves the design of different types of buildings including museums, hotels, skyscrapers, schools, churches and offices. In these buildings, he went further to design the interior parts like stained glass and furniture. Apart from building, his writing career was a success for he was able to author twenty books a number of articles. He was also a lecturer in both Europe and United States. His life was colourful and it even made headlines especially the incident that occurred in 1914, in which there were murders and fire in his studio in Taliesin (Wright 55).

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