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The somatoform disorder is a class of mental disorders in which there are clear and identifiable physical symptoms present. These symptoms are suggestive of a somatic disorder however they do not provide any detectable biological damage or impairment related to neuropsychological dysfunction. The physical symptoms that are evident re usually part of a general medical condition and provide for no mental disorder. As a result the psychological conflicts tend to get translated into the physical problems and ailments. Examples of somatoform disorders include Conversion Disorder, Pain Disorder, Hypochondriasis., and Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

A factious disorder is a kind of mental disorder where the symptoms are usually induced by the patient themselves. It is also possible for the patients to be falsifying their symptoms. This is a fake disorder in which the patients are imitating a disorder or are pretending to have a mental disorder. This disorder however can go into the subconscious mind of the patient as well making them actually believe they have a disorder. These disorders are very uncommon and go unusually undiagnosed. They also suffer from a high rate of morbidity as well as mortality.

The malingering disorder depicts a deliberate behavior on part of the patient. It is not a form of mental illness as it is not a psychopathology. This can take the form of pure malingering and partial malingering. In pure malingering the patient falsifies the symptoms while in partial malingering it possible for the patient to have the symptoms but he/ she usually tends to overestimate and express them. The distinguishing factor between factitious and malingering disorders is that in factitious disorders the patients motive for falsifying symptoms are to gain sympathy while in malingering the motives of the patients are to attain an eternal gain like access to prescriptive medicine etc.

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