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However, in such a restrictive economy there is a chance for female entrepreneurs to bloom, and while the topic is not the scope of this paper, it can be explored in some depth by researchers, seeking to derive some knowledge out of this work.

An important aspect of this study can be derived in part from some of the MNCs that operate in the western world and in Jordan. This is because, while the policies of MNCs might differ with respect to those aspects in public sector enterprises, the cultural differences will be the same for an MNC based in UK and in Jordan as for disparate public firms in the two countries. And this is an important bit of information for the purposes of this paper as it will help in determining the cultural factors that affect HRM in both the countries and how the paper can be structured, and what informative on should be sought based on the premise indicated thus. One paper that seeks to formulate a model for replication of HRM systems in different cultural contexts for companies based in more than one country is ‘Global Challenges to Replicating HR: the Role of People, Processes, and Systems’ (Morris, et al., 2009).

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