Sample Essay

The option of outsourcing the records management to a third party is a very attractive option as it tends to take the responsibility of the activity off the company. However the main problem with this option is that it is not sustainable in the long run making the lack of sustainability a large disadvantage of this option.The nest option which pertains to implementation of a records management software is a good option as it is complimented by maintenance and installation and set up services by the software manufacture. The maintenance of the software and its updating is very easy though the internet medium. Moreover the option is sustainable over a large period of time making it a high attractive option.

However form the material that has been analyzed and the observations that have been made so far, the implementation of a records management software at the company itself seems like the most feasible of all the options. The reason for this that in the long run it is the most cost effective program which provides high quality service in the time dictated by the company.

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