The main reason as to why euthanasia is practiced is to “aid-in-dying” painlessly for the patient. Because of this reason, we feel that this practice needs to be made legal. It should be considered and accepted by law. It is important that the law considers the fact that killing in an attempt to defend oneself is very different from mercy killing. Mercy killing is usually aimed at trying to ease the patient off the pain that they are trapped in. these are patients who do not seem to have any chances of survival due to the fact that they do suffer from terminal illness (Dunn, 1996).

Doctors usually prescribe and administer medicine which they feel will help the patient recover and get rid of the pain that he is in. they practice medicine in an attempt to provide medical and emotional care to the patient. Doctors usually administer medicine to make the patients feel better even if some of these medicine will have side effects to the patient this gives the implication that dealing with agony and pain is the key priority for the doctors when handling a patient. Euthanasia follows this same theory. It is a way of dealing with the pain and torment that the patient is subjected to. This way, the practice helps the patient to die peacefully and thus be relieved from the compromising situation (, 2010).

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