Sample Essay

The Lehman Brothers values its employees and depends on its human intellectual capital to perform the business process activities which are key to the business. The public relations, management of the Lehman Brothers, the portfolio management of the clients as well as the client relationship establishment and customer retention are some the basic activities that Lehman Brothers focuses on. As a result company looks for brought, aspiring and ambitious individuals who can see themselves working in a highly networked global company where the contribution of each individual leads towards the performance and growth of the company. The Lehman Brothers company is based in the financial industry of investment and capital market management. Here the migration of skilled professionals is very high and as a result the Lehman Brothers has put strategies in place to invest in their employees in order to retain them. These strategies pertain to the career development of the employee as well as training and development on shore sites as well as on offshore sites in the global operating regions of the company.

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