Sample Essay

The Lehman Brothers company also has an active mentoring program which focuses on creating a broader perspective for the graduate recruits. In the mentoring program which is deployed on a seasonal basis usually in the summer, each graduate is assigned a junior mentor and a senior mentor. The junior mentor acts as a buddy who introduces the recruits to the company, its policies, its culture and the specific tasks at hand. They help resolve the day to day issues. The senior mentor is the experienced individual who provides the graduate with the opportunity to mingle in the employee networks and attain opportunities of developing contacts at the company who can aid in the long terms career goal based development of the graduate.


The strength of the training and development program at the company is in its active learning perspective, global scope and the assistance that the mentorship program provides to the graduates in terms of making decisions, overcoming obstacles and comprehending the complex business issues that may occur. The weakness of the training and development programs at the company that while it encourages competition in the organization, there have been reports that people can get carried away with competition indulging in unethical business decisions and partnerships to forward their personal career and objectives instead of growing with the company and promoting equality

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