Sample Essay

The customers would be able to access the e-CRM system through the internet. They would be provided by a customer portal through which they can enter their personal particulars, their flight destination, number of people travelling and their desired route. The customers would also be provided options to make personalised/ customized entertainment schedules for their trip along with in fight dining selection. In addition to this the customers will be able to select the level of privacy they want during the trip, the purpose of their travel, and the kind of service they would prefer.

Through the identity number the system would determine the priority level of the customer based on the customers commitment and loyalty to the airline for activation of the frequent flyer program and prioritized customer service. In addition to this the e-CRM portal for the customers will also allow them to schedule the pickup and drop timings for their travel dates along with booking of air travel, accommodation and transport for the destination. This can be conducted through alliance based marketing and joint proposition of services with hotels and private transport service providers.

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